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Guest George R.R. Martin

Author George R.R. Martin has pulled off the seemingly impossible: he's made it okay for "nerds" to talk about dragons, sorcerers, and imaginary kingdoms - in public. His epic-fantasy book series, 'A Song of Ice and Fire', is massive: twenty-two languages, over fifteen million books sold worldwide, and the basis for the Emmy Award-winning TV series, 'Game of Thrones'.

And in 2011, TIME magazine named him as one of the most influential 100 people in the world. Growing up in a federal housing project in New Jersey, he started writing at an early age and sold monster stories to other kids for a penny a page. He was already a successful author and TV writer for shows like 'The Twilight Zone' when one day, this image popped into his head: a man taking a young boy to witness a beheading... and this became the opening scene of the 1st book in his series, 'Game of Thrones'.

And while the books and the TV show have brought him riches and acclaim, George has also faced the wrath of outraged fans - desperate for the next title in the series. They hit him hard online, berated him for doing anything that wasn't writing the next book.

Well, they'll just have to be patient: George has two more books planned in the series, and even though Season 2 of the TV adaptation, 'Game of Thrones', has wrapped on HBO Canada - Season 3 will be here soon. Prepare yourself for the excruciating wait ... it'll be worth it!

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