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Guest George Romero

When it comes to horror films, George Romero is a master. He does zombie flicks like it's nobody's business. In fact, he's the grand-daddy of the zombie genre.

Back in 1968, George was inspired to make a horror film. He and a group of friends pitched in, started up a production company, and with a budget of just over a hundred grand, made 'Night of the Living Dead' - arguably , the most celebrated zombie film of all time.

Over the years he's made other successful horror films like 'Creepshow'. But more than anything, he sticks with what he knows best - zombies. And that's led to cult classic's 'Dawn of the Dead' and 'Day of the Dead'. And it's important to remember Romero's films aren't just about being gruesome. They're also satirical, funny and political.

'Night of the Living Dead' didn't just give rise to zombies. It made a political statement about the war in Vietnam, and cast a black man in a leading role - something that rarely happened in the Sixties.

These days, George has made Toronto his home, and he continues to make zombie movies. His latest is called 'Survival of the Dead.'

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