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Guest George Hamilton

Before George Hamilton's brother, Bill, died in 1982, these were his last words: "I would've loved more." George has been trying to live by those words ever since - pretty ambitious for someone who's lived and loved pretty big his whole life.

He was an MGM golden boy in an old-school era of Hollywood glam. He developed an amazing range as an actor - who else could go from 'Love at First Bite'... to 'Dynasty'... to 'The Godfather III?'

Along the way, he dated Liz Taylor, stole a girlfriend from Ol' Blue Eyes (well, George says "borrowed"), and his best friend? Errol Flynn's son, Sean.

It's a far cry from where he began: Blytheville, Arkansas, in a family that loved showbiz. And that brother he lost? He struggled with being gay in an era of extreme intolerance. These days, George takes to the stage to play a gay club owner in 'La Cage Aux Folles,' and George says he's inspired by his brother's struggle. This one's for you, Bill...

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