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Guest General Walter Natynczyk

Ever since Canada joined the war in Afghanistan, our military leaders have faced a lot of scrutiny. And right at the top is this man, General Walter Natynczyk, Canada's Chief of Defence Staff. He's been our top soldier for nearly two years, taking over from General Rick Hillier - who wasn't afraid to speak his mind.

Natynczyk is considered more low key. Defence Minister Peter McKay has called him 'a gentleman general.'

Natynczyk grew up in Winnipeg, and joined the Canadian Forces in 1975. He climbed the ladder quickly, serving with NATO in what was then West Germany. In the Eighties, he took on peacekeeping duties in Cyprus, and in 1994, did a year long tour with the UN in Bosnia and later Croatia.

He's also led missions in Canada - commanding the Royal Canadian Dragoons during the '97 Winnipeg flood, and a year later in Ottawa, during the Ice Storm. Oh, and this might come as a surprise. He's seen duty in Iraq.

Natynczyk went to Fort Hood, Texas on an Officer Exchange. He became a deputy commanding general, and spent a year commanding US Forces in Iraq.

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