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Guest Gabrielle Miller

When Gabrielle Miller was 17, money was pretty tight in her family, and she and her mom started a house-cleaning business. They were out on a job when Gabrielle's mom told her: 'I know you want something more than this. Life moves fast. Go get it.'

So she did. The minute Gabrielle stepped foot in a drama class, she was hooked. Her slow-and-steady rise in TV and film began in the early '90s with roles on shows like 'Da Vinci's Inquest.' But the nation really started paying attention to her when her character Lacey Burrows one showed up on 'Corner Gas.'

The show was an instant hit, and at the same time she was doing that, Gabrielle was doing another uniquely Canadian series. 'Robson Arms' took her back to her hometown of Vancouver, where she grew up in a hippie family. But life wasn't all peace signs and flowers - the family had its struggles. Gabrielle's older sister, Shanti has cerebral palsy. Back when Gabrielle and Shanti were kids, support for people with CP was pretty limited. So the family created a groundbreaking way to help Shanti live life on her own terms. We'll get into that with Gabrielle, who describes Shanti as 'the light of her life'.

She poured those feelings into her new movie, 'Sisters & Brothers.' Gabrielle plays the sister of a man with schizophrenia - a woman dedicated to standing by her sibling, no matter what.

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