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Guest Feist

It's a funny thing about Leslie Feist: the quieter she got, the more people started listening.

As a teenager, Feist was in a punk band called Placebo, but all that angst took its took toll. And by the time she was 20, Feist had damaged her vocal chords and had to stop singing.

Eventually, she recovered, and at 23, started to make a name for herself. Over the next several years, she put out a couple of solo albums, and became part of 'Broken Social Scene.'

Then in 2007, everything exploded - partially because of the song, '1234', off of Feist's record 'The Reminder'. Her star was already on the rise, but when it ended up in an iPod commercial, Feist's life became a circus. '1234' hit the Top Ten on the strength of downloads alone. She won five Junos, earned four Grammy nominations, performed on Saturday Night Live and Sesame Street, and was profiled in the New York Times.

Now, Feist is starting work on a new record. Plus, she has a new documentary about that time in her life, when her fame took off. It's part tour diary, part concert film, and part tribute to Feist's many collaborators, it's called 'Look at What The Light Did Now.'

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