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Guest Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy's not often the main character in the movie, but the minute he shows up, you know he's gonna steal the show. No one does deadpan better -- and while, yes, he really should learn to knock, Eugene's Dad character in the 'American Pie' movies is the sort of understanding Pops many of you might wish you had growing up.

Of course, Eugene's not just in movies, he writes them too. He and Christopher Guest have teamed up on story lines for four mainly-improvised comedies - like the classic 'Waiting for Guffman', and 'A Mighty Wind'. Eugene won a Grammy for that film, and it also starred his longtime friend Catherine O'Hara. Both of them were in 'SCTV', a show that became a huge influence on the next generation of comedians from 'Kids in the Hall' to Ben Stiller to Conan. But before there was 'SCTV', there was the infamous Toronto production of 'Godspell' that starred Eugene, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, and in her stage debut, Gilda Radner.

Since her death from cancer in 1989, Gilda's Club was established to provide social and emotional support to people whose lives have been touched by cancer. Their annual gala is called 'It's Always Something' and this year, Eugene takes the stage alongside some of this country's funniest people to raise money and pay tribute to a friend.

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