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Guest Errol Morris

Errol Morris is one of the most influential film directors of the past 30 years. And when it comes to documentaries, he's changed the game. More than anything, his films are about finding the truth - and to do it he invented something called the 'Interrotron.' It allows Morris to project his image on a monitor, directly above the camera lens - so when he's interviewing someone they look directly at the camera, creating what he calls a 'true first-person' interview.

It's a tool he used in his 2003 film 'The Fog of War.' It profiled former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara - the architect of the U.S. war in Vietnam - and won an Oscar for Best Documentary. Before that, Morris directed 'The Thin Blue Line.' That film helped free a death row prisoner wrongly convicted of killing a police officer. And it's considered the first movie to actually solve a murder.

Along the way, Morris has made films about Stephen Hawking and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. As well, he's directed a string of high-end TV commercials, including the famous Apple 'switch' advertisement. His latest documentary is 'Tabloid' - a story of obsessive love that involves a former beauty queen who kidnaps a Mormon missionary.

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