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Guest Erin Morgenstern

You don't have to look much further than Harry Potter or Twilight to know that Hollywood's hungry for magic. After eight films, two billion dollars in box office sales and countless spells, it's clear that the genre isn't about to do a disappearing act anytime soon. But while the movies were huge, the real magic began with the books.

That's good news for Erin Morgenstern, who's just released her first novel, 'The Night Circus' - a book that ignited an explosion of praise before it even hit the shelves. Publishers fought over who'd get the manuscript. Sales were arranged in more than 25 countries. And the studio that brought you Twilight quickly snapped up the movie rights.

'The Night Circus' is a love story that pits rival magicians against each other in a late 19th century circus where magic is real. And Erin's suddenly a long way from the would-be novelist who juggled odd jobs and was rejected by 30 literary agents. Now, with 'The Night Circus' being tipped as the next big thing, Erin's next high-wire act may just be fending off the press.

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