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Guest Erica Durance

Claiming your spot as Lois Lane is no easy job; after all, you’re following in the footsteps of Margot Kidder. But Erica Durance took the role on for seven years on Smallville, amassing her own army of fans along the way. She came to Smallville from her own smalltown experience, growing up on a turkey farm outside of Three Hills, Alberta, mucking out the coops (and developing a little bit of turkey terror along the way). And she’s kept her smalltown ethic while she’s played larger-than-life role — fending off zombies in House of the Dead and playing the cover girl for magazines like Maxim. But it’s with hospital drama Saving Hope that Erica’s found the role that fits. She’s playing a surgeon with heart who saves lives every day (and whose fiancé just happens to be able to see dead people).

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