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Guest Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck is one of the most lasting names in showbiz, and there's two reasons why. The guy's been wooing the ladies for more than 40 years... and his name is Engelbert Humperdinck.

Engelbert started life as Arnold George Dorsey, and kicked off his career, playing clubs in Britain. Then in 1958, he put out his first record - as Gerry Dorsey.

Well, it didn't do so well.

So, Gerry teamed up with the producer for Tom Jones - who suggested he change his name to something a little more suave... Like Engelbert Humperdinck - after a German composer.

Well, Engelbert's career took off. And in the late Sixties, he released arguably his most famous song ever - 'Release Me'. That song went to number one in eleven countries.

And the hits kept on coming. Over the years, Engelbert has toured the world doing hundreds of shows a year, and sold more than one hundred and fifty million records. He's performed for the Queen, and several US presidents. He's sung at the Olympics, and at age seventy-three, he's still performing. Plus, he's got a new album of his classics - called 'Legacy of Love.'

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