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Guest Emmanuel Jal

In Southern Sudan, the civil war that broke out in 1983 claimed more than two million lives... and forced Emmanuel Jal into the life of a child soldier. He was given an AK-47 - a gun that was taller than he was - and trained to kill. With luck and some help, Emmanuel managed to survive, and eventually became a recording artist with a hit record 'Gua' (2004) under his belt.

Peter Gabriel called Emmanuel an artist "with the potential of a young Bob Marley". A documentary was made about his life story, and he also published his memoir 'Warchild' in 2009. Recently he was an actor in the feature drama 'Africa United'.

Emmanuel is also a spokesperson for Amnesty International and Oxfam, and created the charitable foundation, Gua Africa.

As Southern Sudan prepares to hold a referendum on whether to separate from the north (January 9, 2011) and the country faces the risk of more civil war...

Emmanuel is passionately crusading for peace with his new video WE WANT PEACE. He has enlisted the support of the likes of Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, George Clooney and Alicia Keys in his fight to prevent genocide in Sudan.

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