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Guest Elisha Cuthbert

At the age of eighteen, after her 'Popular Mechanics for Kids' and 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' days, Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert moved to Hollywood - and her career took off when she landed the role of Jack Bauer's daughter Kim on the hit show '24'.

That role made Elisha a star. Soon after, she was something of a tabloid sensation, topping "hottest women" lists in men's magazines. She appeared in films like 'Old School', 'The Girl Next Door', and 'House of Wax'.

But Elisha is 28 now, and wants to shake off that sexy typecast. So she's changing it up, moving forward, and trying comedy on for size with a new sitcom 'Happy Endings'.

It's about six close friends and their relationship after Elisha dumps one of them at the altar.

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