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Guest Eli Roth

If you're not a horror fan, you may think there's something wrong with Eli Roth. But Eli would probably be disappointed if his movies didn't make you squirm.

Eli comes from the proud tradition of do-it-yourself horror: directors with vision, determination and a passion for slashin'. Ten years ago, he arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival with a little self-produced movie called Cabin Fever; he left with a multi-million dollar distribution deal, and, eventually, a huge box office hit.

But if 'Cabin Fever' or 'Hostel' isn't your thing (both directed by Eli), you might recognize Eli, The Actor: In 2009, he played The Bear Jew, Part of Quentin Tarantino's posse in 'Inglourious Basterds' (spoiler alert: at the end of the movie, Eli kills Hitler, something that left a lasting impression on Eli and his entire family).

Eli's latest is an acting role in 'Aftershock', a movie by another young director with a similar love of gore, Nicolás López. Set in Chile, and focused on the chaos that's unleashed after an earthquake, it might just be the ultimate vacation story-gone-wrong.

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