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Guest Edward Norton

Movie fans see a lot of Edward Norton,but give the man credit: You rarely see the same guy twice. So far in his career, Edward's played a Neo-Nazi, a giant pink dinosaur in 'Death to Smoochy', a giant green Hulk, and a nameless, alienated hero in 'Fight Club'.

And Edward isn't big on the whole movie star thing. He's always been a bit of an enigma; thoughtful, opinionated, and you get the sense his work is more important than his fame. So far, it's served him well, earning hime two academy award nominations and lots of critical acclaim.

Edward's latest transformation just might be the most striking of all. In 'Stone,' he plays Gerald Creeson - complete with the voice, tattoos, mannerisms and hairdo of a hardened Detroit inmate.

And, as always, Edward is keeping busy off the big screen, as well. In July 2010, he was appointed a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity. His passion for the environment is rooted in family history, and a crucial part of his identity - it's yet another face of Mr. Edward Norton.

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