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Guest Edge

In wrestling, Edge has pretty much done it all: with 11 world championships in his career, and 31 titles in all, he's one of the biggest stars in the WWE.

So, how did Edge here? Well, his real name is Adam Copeland. He was raised by his mom in a small apartment in Orangeville, Ontario where, as Adam puts it, you either worked in a local factory, or you got a job in Toronto.

But Adam other ideas: when he grew up, he wanted to be just like Hulk Hogan. Adam got hooked on wrestling at a young age, and in high school, he got tickets to Wrestlemania VI at the Skydome in Toronto. After that show, Adam vowed that one day he would headline a Wrestlemania.

Next, he won an essay contest in the Toronto Star. The prize? Free wrestling training at a gym in Toronto. Along the way, he went to Humber College, got a diploma in radio broadcasting, then, hit the road to be a wrestler... and by "road", we mean small town Canada in the winter, driving across frozen lakes with hardly had any money, eating nothing but canned tuna for days.

But in the late 90's, everything changed. Bret the "Hit Man" Hart put in a good word for Adam, and in June of 1998, Edge made his WWE debut.

To get to the top, he's paid quite the price. A torn ACL, a torn achilles tendon, a broken neck, a fractured skull and who knows how many stitches. For Edge, it's part of the job; for Adam, its part of living the dream.

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