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Guest Edgar Wright

A lot of people call themselves "pop culture connoisseurs", but as a director, Edgar Wright takes it to another level: Edgar devours films, music, video games and comic books, distills it all into his movies, and creates something all his own.

Edgar started making amateur films as a teenager. At 20, he made his first feature: A low-budget spaghetti western spoof called "A Fistful of Fingers." The movie had a modest release, but it propel Edgar into British television, which is where he met his long-time friend and collaborator, Simon Pegg.

In the late 90's, the duo teamed up to create a British sitcom called 'Spaced'. Full of pop culture references, quick editing, and dramatic camera angles inspired by sci-fi and horror films, 'Spaced' was a sitcom like no other.

In 2004, Edgar co-wrote and directed the surprise hit, 'Shaun of the Dead' - part spoof, part loving tribute to classic zombie movies. It also established Edgar, Simon Pegg and actor Nick Frost as a comedic dream team. A few years later, Edgar, Simon and Nick nailed the whole Hollywood parody thing again with their cop flick, 'Hot Fuzz,' to the delight of their ever-growing legions of fans.

Edgar's latest film is based on the graphic novels by Canadian cartoonist Brian Lee O'Malley. Featuring frantic fight scenes, cartoonish special effects, and Edgar's trademark sense of humour - it's 'Scott Pilgrim versus the World.'

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