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Guest Ed Robertson

Twenty five years ago, two teenagers named Ed Robertson and Steven Page teamed up for a charity gig in Toronto - but before they hit the stage, they needed a name.

Little did Ed know, he'd spend most of his adult life in a band called 'The Barenaked Ladies'.

BNL defied convention. They were funny, smart, sensitive and musically dynamic. But despite their happy-go-lucky demeanour, Ed and his bandmates have been through some trying times: In 2008, Ed survived a plane crash (he was the pilot); a few months later, the band parted with founding member Page.

It was a dark chapter that threatened to end BNL's musical journey, but fortunately, Ed persevered.

Now, Ed's put two great musical works out there in the world: the new BNL record, 'Grinning Streak' was released June 4, and his collaboration with astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, 'I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing?)' was heard around the world.

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