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Guest Ed Begley Jr.

In Hollywood, where everything is larger than life, Ed Begley Jr. is about as down-to-earth a celebrity as there is. He's the kind of guy who's more concerned about living green than making green.

Now, don't get me wrong - show business is a big part of his life. His father, Ed Sr., was an Oscar winner. And as for Ed Jr., he's been in the business now for 40 years, with more than 200 films and TV shows to his credit.

His first big role was back in the 80's, on the TV drama 'St. Elsewhere', which earned Ed six Emmy nominations in a row. Throw in '7th Heaven', 'The West Wing', 'Arrested Development', plus Christopher Guest films like 'Best In Show' and 'A Mighty Wind'. Ed's had a heck of a career.

But here's the other big thing - Ed is the ultimate green celebrity. He's been living that way since the 1970s. His house is powered by the sun, he rides his bike to Hollywood events, and he has a friendly competition going with his neighbour, Bill Nye the Science Guy, to see who can make their home more eco-friendly.

He's also written two books on the topic - 'Living Like Ed' and 'Ed Begley's Guide to Sustainable Living'. He also had a reality series called 'Living With Ed', also starring his wife Rachelle, who isn't always as enthusiastic about rain barrels as he is.

At the moment, Ed is continuing to live his life according to his principles. He's working on building a 'No Impact' home in Studio City, and he will speak at an event called Greentopia on September 17 and 18.

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