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Guest Drew Hayden Taylor

One of Canada's best-known and most prolific Aboriginal writers, Drew Hayden Taylor has made it his mission to celebrate what he calls "the native sense of humour." Drew is Ojibway from the Curve Lake First Nations near Peterborough, Ontario... but he's also part Caucasian... and much of his work reflects his dual identity.

A master at bridging the aboriginal world with the non-aboriginal world, Drew's writing deals with the tension, pain and anger that defines our shared history - and yet he never misses a chance to poke fun at either one.

He's written for TV ('The Beachcombers,' 'Street Legal' and 'North of 60') but has made his real mark writing plays, including 'Toronto at Dreamer's Rock' which won the prestigious Chalmers Canadian Play award. Drew was also the Artistic Director of Canada's premiere Native theatre company, Native Earth Performing Arts.

His many books include 'Funny You Don't Look Like One: Observations of a Blue-Eye Ojibway', and a teen vampire novel, 'The Night Wanderer.' Drew's most recent books are 'Motorcycles and Sweetgrass' - which was nominated for a Governor General's Award - plus a book of essays called 'News: Postcards From the Four Directions.

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