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Guest Drew Barrymore

Even by Hollywood standards, Drew Barrymore's life hasn't been exactly typical. She was born to act, and that's meant literally - her first gig was a dog food commercial - at eleven months old!

But when you're a Barrymore, that's what you do. Her grandfather, John Barrymore Sr. was arguably the greatest actor of his time. And Drew's parents are actors, too... so, no pressure or anything.

But the truth is, Drew was a natural. At seven years old, she was as cute as can be in 'E.T.' - and two years later, freaky as can be in Firestarter. Drew also did 'Irreconcilable Differences' that same year, playing a girl who "divorces" her parents. She got a Golden Globe nomination for that.

But off screen, life was rough. Her dad - an alcoholic - wasn't around, and her mom took Drew out partying. She was drinking by nine, snorting coke by twelve... and by thirteen, in rehab. A year later, Drew attempted suicide. After that, she got clean for good, and at seventeen, cue the comeback - starting with 'Poison Ivy'... and don't forget her cameo in 'Scream.'

Since then, Drew's become a "queen" of romantic comedy, with films like 'The Wedding Singer', and 'Never Been Kissed', produced by Drew's company, 'Flower Films.' She also made 'Charlie's Angels' and 'He's Just Not That Into You.'

Drew is also an ambassador for the UN World Food Program and has donated more than a million dollars. Now, she's directing for the first time - a film called 'Whip It!' about a girl searching for her identity - on a roller derby rink.

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