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Guest Dr. Julio Montaner

There's no question we know a lot more about AIDS today, than we used to. In the early Eighties, it was called 'the gay plague'. Of course, we now know, HIV/AIDS can strike anyone - anywhere in the world.

Right now, more than thirty-three million people are infected with HIV - most of them in sub-Saharan Africa. And although there is no cure for AIDS, it's no longer considered a death sentence, mostly because of greater access to anti-retroviral drugs.

Over the past thirteen years, those drugs have saved nearly three million lives, and Doctor Julio Montaner is a big reason why.

Born and raised in Argentina, he came to Canada in 1981, fresh out of medical school. Now, he's one of the top AIDS researchers in the world. Dr. Montaner helped create a triple drug therapy that's the "gold standard" treatment for HIV today, and he's President of the International AIDS Society.

These days, he's calling on the Harper government to live up to a G8 commitment made in 2005. The G8 leaders promised to deliver HIV prevention, treatment and care to all those who need it by 2010.

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