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Guest Dr. Ali Zentner

Alright Canada, this is never easy to admit, but... we've really let ourselves go.

Last year, Statistics Canada released a 30-year survey on fitness, and the results were alarming. As a country, we're exercising less, eating more, and we've grown increasing dependant on unhealthy, processed food. Half of us are overweight or obese, while heart disease, diabetes and cancer rates are soaring. Even kids aren't getting enough exercise.

That's the bad news. The good news is, there are people like Dr. Ali Zentner. At her heaviest, she weighed more than 320 pounds. But, she vowed to change her life, and started exercising five minutes a day. Eventually, five minutes became 10, 10 became 30, and pretty soon, Dr. Ali looked - and felt - like a whole new person.

In all, she lost 170 pounds, and had overhauled her life. She got rid of her car, started biking to work, and ended up doing marathons, triathalons - she even ran with the Olympic torch. Not only that, she devoted her medical career to fighting obesity.

Dr. Ali is starring a new CBC show, 'Village on a Diet', which challenged the town of Taylor, British Columbia to lose a tonne - literally, one tonne - of weight. Dr. Ali helped inspired them, now she wants them to inspire us.

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