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Guest Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott has spent 30 years predicting the future - but not in that crystal ball, psychic hotline kind of way. Don's more interested in technology.

His first big revelation came in the 70's: Don was part of a research project studying what would happen if you gave people their own personal computers and connected them to a vast network of information. Sound familiar? Don was looking at a model for the "office of the future", which led to his first book, 'Office Automation' , in 1981.

See, Don is a "big picture" kinda of guy. Even back then, he realized computers weren't just going to revolutionize the workplace; they had the potential to change every social institution we know: business, religion, schools, politics... you name it.

Now, over the years, Don has brought his theories into focus. In 1992, he published 'Paradigm Shift', a landmark book about the tech boom of the mid-90's. A few years later, he was one of the first people to identify "Generation Net": hyper-connected young people who were, for the first time in history, "growing up digital."

Recently, Don's been thinking about the concept of "mass collaboration": The idea that a lot of people, working together, can achieve just about anything. His latest book is called 'Macro Wikinomics: Rebooting Business, and the World.'

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