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Guest Don Shebib & Jayne Eastwood

There are movies - and then there are classics. And 'Goin' Down the Road' is a true Canadian classic. Made in 1970 with a 3-man crew, Don Shebib's gritty road movie is often credited with revitalizing the whole English Canadian film industry. Even Roger Ebert raved about it.

This universal story is about two young men (from the Maritimes) who drive to the big city in search of the good life - but end up alienated in downtown Toronto. Before making 'Goin' Down the Road', Don made award-winning documentaries with the NFB and CBC TV; after his break out film he went on to direct dramas like 'Between Friends', 'Heartaches', and numerous TV series like 'Lonesome Dove', rounding up a handful of Genies along the way.

And now - 40 years later - Don is back with a follow up to his landmark 1970 film. 'Down the Road Again' stars some of the same actors, including Jayne Eastwood (who you know from Second City, SCTV, 'Chicago', 'Hairspray', and more recently the stage production 'Women Fully Clothed'). The same 1960 Chevy Impala hits the road in the new film 'Down the Road Again' - but this time it's headed eastward in search of second chances at life and love.

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