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Guest Don Lemon

If this were 50 years ago, we wouldn't be talking about Don Lemon. Because 50 years ago... Don Lemon couldn't be Don Lemon: an openly-gay, African-American, network news anchor.

Don you might know as the host of Newsroom on CNN. He's an outspoken journalist, calling for gun control after the tragic Sandy Hook shootings. And early in his career when he couldn't get his local news station to cover the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa, Don flew himself there and reported on it anyway.

He covered Hurricane Katrina, the election of Barack Obama, and the death of Michael Jackson. But the story closest to his heart? The ongoing struggle for equality.

It's an issue that hit home for a man born in the once segregated Louisiana - at the height of the civil rights movement. And who knows first-hand the unique challenges of being an openly-gay African-American man.

In honour of Black History Month programming, TIFF and the Black Artists' Network in Dialogue (BAND) will present "In Conversation With... Geraldine Moriba and Don Lemon: Documenting the Black Experience" on February 25, 2013. For more information, go to tiff.net

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