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Guest Don Ferguson

You know, doing satire in Canada isn't always easy. South of the border, there's no shortage of big, easy targets. But here in Canada, making fun of ourselves has grown into a more subtle art. Thankfully, we've got artists like Don Ferguson, and Royal Canadian Air Farce.

It's safe to say Air Farce is an institution. Launched on CBC radio in 1973, the show was a mix of political and cultural comedy, with a distinct Canadian flavour, eh? Alongside Dave Broadfoot, Luba Goy, John Morgan, and his childhood friend, the late-great Roger Abbott, Don went from being a shy photographer to a gifted entertainer.

When the show moved to a regular spot on CBC television in 1993, Don was at the top of his game, impersonating everyone from Pierre Trudeau to Bob Dylan: Air Farce became a water-cooler hit watched by millions. By the time it ended its weekly run in 2008, being skewered on the show had become a point of pride - even if it meant being shot by the Chicken Cannon.

These days, Don is helping to carry on the legacy of the group without two of its founding members. And, he's got a book out: 'Air Farce: 40 Years of Flying by the Seat of Our Pants'. Co-written with his pal Roger Abbott, it's an insider's look at a show that made audiences laugh, and politicians just a little nervous.

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