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Guest Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton may be flashier than, as she puts it, 'a drag queen's Christmas tree,' but don't let that fool you: Dolly is a pure mountain talent.

Songs like 'Jolene' are models of simplicity, stark realism and raw emotion. And it's those talents, and her determination, that have made Dolly equally adored by everyone from hardcore country fans to gay men and indie rockers.

She was among the first country stars to cross over into pop; among the first to possess a strong feminist streak. And she was the first to have a hit with 'I Will Always Love', a song she wrote and would later come to define the late Whitney Houston.

Her reach is huge: from films to Broadway to her personalized amusement park Dollywood.

Plus, the girl who didn't have many books, growing up dirt poor in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, has dedicated herself to making sure other children have the opportunity to read. So how does she pull it all off? Dolly lays out her personal philosophy in a new book - Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You.

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