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Guest Deepak Chopra

Say what you want about Deepak Chopra... but the man is something of a phenomenon. 57 books, translated into 35 languages, 20 million copies sold worldwide. Oprah and Bill Clinton are fans, so was Michael Jackson. How did Deepak get here? He grew up in New Delhi. His dad was a cardiologist, so Deepak became a doctor too even though he wanted to be a journalist or a writer. He came to America in 1970 and started practicing internal medicine.

But along the way, Deepak got hooked on transcendental meditation, quit medicine and started practicing the ancient Hindu tradition of holistic healing - Ayurveda. Since then, he's built an empire as a "spiritual guru" - promoting alternative medicine, and the mind-body connection.

Of course, not everyone buys it. This book - 'The Skeptic's Dictionary' - has an entire section devoted to Deepak. And critics say he creates false hope in sick people who should actually get traditional medical care. His latest book is something new for Deepak. It's a novel about the founder of Islam... 'Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet.'

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