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Guest David Suzuki

Take a second and think about this: what would you do if tomorrow you were told you're the enemy, the government's taking your business, and you need to pack your bags and get out of your house? And then you're told men will go to labour camps and women and children will go to detention camps. The official story is you're not Canadian enough and your loyalty is suspect. Now think about this: that was David Suzuki's story.

We know David as a scientist, broadcaster, and activist but as a child, along with thousands of other Japanese-Canadians, his family was forcibly moved from their home in BC and sent to live in what he calls a concentration camp in Slocan City in the BC interior. David was five. The Suzukis stayed until David was nine.

Thinking about the injustice might make most people turn their backs on Canada. But not David. He went on to devote his adult life to warning -- and trying to save -- Canada from environmental disaster. But he's at a crossroads now having just left the board of his foundation. He says there's a war against the environment and against those who wish to save it. He finds himself facing down his government once again. But David once said "what defines human beings is struggle" and he's prepared to struggle for as long as it takes.

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