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Guest David Spade

When David Spade was on Saturday Night Live, he was fearless and funny. But, as is the case with a lot of comedians, his humour was like a protective shell.

Growing up, he went through some tough times: when David was young, he lost his father and later step father unexpectantly. To make things harder, David was bullied because of his size.

As a way of coping, he focused on comedy. On SNL, he was known for a killer wit and creative partnership with the late, great Chris Farley.

Like Aykroyd and Belushi before them, Spade and Farley made the move to film, starring in 'Tommy Boy' and 'Black Sheep'.

And when David returned to TV, he was Ready for Prime Time, starring in 'Just Shoot Me', '8 Simple Rules' and his current show, 'Rules of Engagement'.

David has made a career playing the under-developed smart-ass. But as he inches toward 50, how long can he keep that act up?

Meanwhile, he's got a new movie, the animated tale 'Hotel Transylvania,' that sees 'Count Dracula' as an over-protective dad who runs a hotel for monsters.

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