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Guest David Jacobson

When Barack Obama moved into the White House, America got a new President. And Canada?

Well, we got a new US Ambassador, and his name is David Jacobson. And make no mistake... he has the ear of the President.

Jacobson worked as a lawyer in Chicago for thirty years, before becoming one of Obama's top campaign fundraisers. After the election, he worked at the White House, as a special assistant to the President. He helped fill positions in the new Obama administration, including his own.

In fact, he openly lobbied for the ambassador gig - calling it a dream job. I'm glad he saw it that way, because when he faced questions from a Senate Committee over his appointment - only one of the twenty-one members bothered to show up!

Jacobson though, is thrilled to be in Canada. He plans to visit every province, before he gets down to business... And by business, he means some pretty big issues like border security, energy, the environment, and the 'Buy American' policy.

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