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Guest David Cross

When I say, David Cross, I know what you're thinking... 'Arrested Development.' For my money, one of the funniest shows ever. David starred as 'Tobias Funke', former psychiatrist, wannabe actor, never-nude and probably-gay husband of 'Lindsay Bluth.'

He's also known for his stand up comedy - and by that, I mean calling out the world's stupidity. David started doing comedy in Boston as a teenage, but he says he never fit in with the "loud, dumb, pandering, racist, homophobic" types. So, he became part of a new comedy scene, with the likes of Janeane Garofolo and Louis CK.

By his mid twenties, he was in L.A, writing for 'The Ben Stiller Show'. There, he met Bob Odenkirk, and together, they create an Emmy nominated sketch comedy show - 'Mr. Show.' From there, David released a two disc comedy album called 'Shut Up You Fucking Baby!' In 2004, he got a Grammy nomination for that - right around the time 'Arrested Development' was taking off.

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after three seasons and David moved back to New York. Since then, he's picked a fight with 'Larry the Cable Guy', he can't stand the rock band Creed, and he's got a new book. It's called 'I Drink For A Reason.'

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