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Guest David Cronenberg

Back in 1975, a young Canadian made his first feature-length movie. 'Shivers' was so dark, so perverse, that its artistic merit was debated in Parliament. It was also the most profitable Canadian film up to that point.

Flash-forward 35 years and David Cronenberg is still making movies that push boundaries, explore darkness and make us squirm. But more than that, they're films about ideas, that delve deep into the psychology of complex characters.

His latest, 'Cosmopolis', is no exception. Based on the Don DeLillo novel of the same name, 'Cosmopolis' follows a ruthless, 28-year-old billionaire (played by Mr. Twi-hard himself, Robert Pattinson), on a journey of self-destruction and greed. It premiered at this year's Cannes festival, where David's son, 32-year-old Brandon, was premiering his directorial debut.

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