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Guest David Chilton

Canada's a country of amazing innovation. The Blackberry! The Canadarm! The entire concept of basketball! But without mentorship, guidance, and support for entrepreneurs, even the greatest idea is just that: a dusty old dream, sitting on a shelf in a garage someplace beside the garbage bags. Oh: garbage bags? Also a Canadian invention.

David Chilton is one of the best financial mentors this country has. You might know him as The Wealthy Barber - that's his alter ego, and the name of the common-sense guide to financial planning he wrote in 1989. David grew up in Kitchener and wrote The Wealthy Barber in his parents' basement when he was just 27. It went on to become one of this country's best-selling books of all time.

You've also probably seen David on CBC's Dragon's Den, where he appears as the show's newest investor alongside Kevin, Arlene, Jim, and Bruce. These days, David's busy listening to all kinds of pitches, investing in crazy ideas, and navigating the always colourful group dynamics in the den.

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