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Guest David Chase

David Chase is television royalty.

The reason? He created one of tv's crown jewels: the iconic mob drama 'The Sopranos'. IT was one of the first American cable shows to bring a cinematic feel to the small screen, and made a household name of its star character 'Tony Soprano'.

So what does David Chase have in store for audiences next? Well, he's finally taking his talent to the big screen.

'Not Fade Away' is not only his feature film debut. It's his love letter to rock n roll of the 1960's.

A story about 'The British Invasion'. A changing world. Fathers and sons. And security versus freedom.

And in classic David Chase style, music plays a major role (the soundtrack includes tracks by The Rolling Stones, Lead Belly and The Sex Pistols). Plus, the story is set in his native New Jersey. And actor James Gandolfini is back in a starring role.

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