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Guest Dave Salmoni

Dave Salmoni spends a lot of time with big animals... The kind that can kill you. But he's doesn't run some kind of circus act.

Dave has a passion and respect for animals. And he knows when to give 'em some space.

So, how did he end here? Well, about ten years ago, Dave got a biology degree from Laurentian University. In his fourth year, he did a project for the federal government - researching black bears. Next, he got a job at the Bowmanville Zoo, in Ontario, and he worked with the zoo's founder - legendary animal trainer, Michael Hackenberger.

Six months later, Dave became the head trainer - specializing in everything from big cats to arctic wolves. Then, in January of 2000, he got a life-changing offer. Take two of the zoo's young bengal tigers to Africa, and introduce them to the wild. The goal was to show Asia how to conserve their big cats.

Dave spent four years with the tigers, and became the star of a documentary called 'Living with Tigers.' Next thing you know, he was on TV and travelling the world, hosting shows on everything from sharks to bears. Basically, if it's big and it bites, Dave has done a show on it.

These days, he runs his own production company, and hosts a bunch of shows on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel - including 'After the Attack' and 'Rogue Nature.' And now, he's bringing back Jonas the tiger to the show - who last met George when he was a LOT smaller.

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