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Guest Dave Foley

In the late 1980s, The Kids In The Hall made its debut on CBC with the help of comedy impresario Lorne Michaels. The sketch comedy show was full of brilliant characters, and many of them were played by Dave Foley (often called the prettiest lady of the bunch, in the many sketches the Kids did in drag). From The Bad Doctor to Mr. Heavyfoot, he was an essential part of the troupe. And the show wasn’t just funny – the Kids had fearless sketches around subjects like AIDS and homophobia in the early days of those conversations.

After The Kids In The Hall ended its run, Foley went on to star in NewsRadio alongside the late Phil Hartman, and he played Flik, the hero ant in A Bug’s Life. But after a rough divorce left him in need of money to pay the child support, Foley had to start taking jobs for the money – things like Celebrity Poker Showdown, which he hosted for a couple of years.

Now, Foley’s back in Canada, and he’s brought his sitcom experience with him. Spun Out is his new series about the hijinx at a PR firm, and it brings back some classic sitcom moves: big laughs, a live audience, and a multi-camera format that relies on impeccable timing and some serious comedy chops.

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