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Guest Darren Criss

Any idea what the "Double Rainbow" guy is up to these days? Or how about the "Chocolate Rain" kid? That's the thing with viral video stars - one minute, they're all we talk about, and the next minute... not so much.

Unless you're Darren Criss. When Darren was doing theatre at the University of Michigan, he and his buddies wrote and performed a Harry Potter spoof called "A Very Potter Musical."

They did it as a joke - until it blew up, garnering millions of hits on YouTube. In fact, Darren wrote a lot of the songs himself (if you watch 'Glee', you know he can sing as well as act).

Darren grew up in San Francisco's theatre scene in the '90s. He says he was a straight kid raised in a gay community. So in 2010, when he landed a role on 'Glee', the political importance of playing a gay character on TV was something he took seriously.

But it's not all serious - Darren makes his feature-film debut in the new comedy 'Imogene', playing an unlikely love interest of Kristen Wiig.

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