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Guest Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle has a knack for taking stories that seem unfilmmable and making them compelling and emotional. Heroin addiction? He did that with 'Trainspotting.' Utopia? He did that with 'The Beach.' Poor orphans? 'Slumdog Millionaire.'

That one, of course, made Danny a directing superstar - winning eight Oscars, including best picture and best director. But Danny didn't always plan on being a filmmaker. He was going to be a priest. And at 14, he was all set to transfer to a seminary. But at the last moment, a priest took him aside and said 'don't go.' To this day, Danny isn't sure if he was saved from the priesthood or the priesthood was saved from him.

Danny's latest film is called '127 Hours.' It's the story of a hiker who's trapped under a boulder for five days and resorts to extreme measures to survive. And in typical Danny Boyle style...he's made a film many thought couldn't be done - an action movie where the hero barely moves.

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