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Guest Danny Bhoy

Today, being part of a multi-cultural family is no big deal, especially in Canada where the ethnic free-for-all is one of the things that defines us. But mixed-race families 30-odd years ago? Not so much. Particularly in a village like Moffat, about an hour outside of Edinburgh. It's where Danny Bhoy grew up, with an Indian dad a Scottish mom. They were the only mixed-race family in town, and one way for Danny to fit in was to be the class clown.

Encouraged by his mates, Danny entered an amateur open-mic contest at the Edinburgh Festival. Steve Coogan was one of the judges - and Danny won. Since, then he's toured the globe almost a dozen times, was even nominated for a Gemini Award for his appearance in at Just for Laughs show.

But while issues around race may have nudged Danny into comedy - and comedians like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Russell Peters have explored race and ethnicity and stereotypes - it's just not a staple of Danny's sets. Instead, not unlike his idol, fellow Scot Billy Connolly, Danny rocks a more observational, story-telling style. You can see for yourself: Danny's back in Canada with a new tour called Wanderlust, a personal journey through the travels of his own mind.

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