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Guest Dan Savage

He may be America's most popular sex-advice columnist. But these days, Dan Savage is probably best-known for one of two things.

First, the It Gets Better Project, an extraordinary act of empathy created by Dan and his husband Terry Miller that reaches out to LGBT youth to let them know there is hope for a better life.

Then there was this: Dan called on his fanbase to create a new and sexually explicit definition of Santorum in retaliation for perceived anti-gay comments made by Republican senator - and future presidential candidate - Rick Santorum.

And it was that definition that rose to the top of the Google rankings. That Google Bomb sums up Dan Savage: controversial, raunchy, and funny as hell.

The evidence, if you need more, can be found in his syndicated sex column and podcast Savage Love, and in his best-selling books, the latest of which is called 'American Savage: Straight Talk on Faith, Sex, Love and Politics'.

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