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Guest Cypress Hill

Mention the group Cypress Hill, and one song in particular comes to mind: 'Insane in the Brain'. In the early Nineties, it hit number one on the rap charts and crossed cultural boundaries. You know you've made it when you're on 'The Simpsons.'

The guys in Cypress Hill are from L.A., and were the first Latino group to have platinum and multi-platinum albums. They also have a recurring theme in a lot of their music, or as they put it, a 'dedication to a certain weed.' It even got them banned from 'Saturday Night Live' in '93, when one of the guys lit up on-air.

But controversy or not, Cypress Hill are have created quite a legacy. They were the first rap group with two albums in the top ten at the same time. They've sold more than eighteen million albums, and recently, they signed with Snoop Dogg's Priority Records. Now, they're set to release a new album, 'Rise Up.'

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