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Guest Craig & Marc Kielburger

At 12 years old, Craig Kielburger read a news headline that changed his world view. As a result - he set out to change the world. The headline read 'Battled Child Labour, Boy, 12, Murdered.' The story was about Iqbal Masih, a child-labour activist who was shot and killed near his home in Pakistan. Equal parts outraged and inspired, Craig got together some friends from his seventh-grade classroom, and started a group called 'Kids Can Free the Children'. The group's mandate was to fight child exploitation and end poverty.

Today, the name of the group has changed, but the vision remains the same - Free the Children is the world's largest youth network, with more than one million young people from 45 countries. Tens of thousands of eager and inspired young Canadians attend We Day, Free the Children's annual nation-wide event.

In 2008, Craig joined forces with his older brother, Marc, and together they created Me to We - a social enterprise they say transforms consumers into world-changers, one transaction at a time. Note the word there - transactions. Me to We isn't a charity, it's a for-profit corporation, and it's huge. The brothers say Me to We is paving the way for a new kind of public-benefit organization, and creating change in a sector that badly needs to adapt to changing social interests and attitudes.

Now, after 15 years spent advocating for social justice, Craig and Marc have pulled together what they've learned in a new book called 'Living Me to We: A Guide for Socially Conscious Canadians.'

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