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Guest Cory Monteith

'Glee' is one of the hottest shows on television, a commercial juggernaut that draws millions of viewers a week and has charted more Top 100 singles than The Beatles. But its popularity is not just thanks to the songs. 'Glee' is also about something real: what it's like to be an outsider trying to find your place. And the show's star Cory Monteith can relate.

Cory grew up in Victoria, and when he was seven, his parents split up. By the time he was a teenager, Cory started going off the rails. His relationship with his dad became estranged, but worse, he stole from his family to fuel his drug addiction. Things became so bad, his family even staged an intervention.

Cory's come clean about his troubled past, which, for a star of a TV show about singing teens, is a pretty gutsy move - as is his latest film, 'Sisters & Brothers'. In one set of sibling relationships, Cory plays a Hollywood superstar, brought back to reality by his brother, played by Cory's real-life buddy (and fellow Canuck) Dustin Milligan. Directed by Carl Bessai, 'Sisters & Brothers' is a gritty look at how siblings can be your best friends, your worst enemies, and sometimes both. And right now Cory is shooting Canadian film 'All The Wrong Reasons' in Halifax.

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