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Guest Corey Hart

Corey Hart knows what it's like when fame becomes mania. At 21, Corey was a pop culture phenomenon: a singer with the right voice, the right look, and a totally catchy, unforgettable song: Sunglasses at Night.

That song, and that album, First Offence, was just the beginning.

Corey's career took him all over the world, with multiple platinum-selling albums, sold out stadiums and some pretty amazing mentors, from Paul Anka to Billy Joel - guys who taught him what a life in show business was all about.

Fortunately, Corey survived the insanity: Eventually, he became a father of four, and stepped away from the spotlight to raise a family. So, what brought him back?

In 1988, Corey recorded "The Truth Will Set You Free", a song about tolerance and accepting difference. Now, after being contacted by Canadian DJ 1Love, Corey has re-recorded the song, changed some of the lyrics, and made it an anthem for the LGBT community - a cause that helped inspire Corey to rediscover his voice.

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