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Guest Conrad Black

Coleman Federal Correctional Complex outside Orlando Florida: home to drug traffickers, mafia dons, and, up until one year ago, prisoner number 18330 424, a.k.a. Conrad Black, Canada's best-known media baron - one-time owner of The London Telegraph, The Jerusalem Post, and here at home, The National Post, a daily newspaper that provided an alternative, conservative voice and energized the competition.

Together with his wife, journalist Barbara Amiel, Conrad was a high-flyer: Homes in London, New York, Toronto and Palm Beach, a couple of private jets and a seat in Britain's House of Lords. He rubbed shoulders with the rich and powerful.

But then, the crash: charges that he had fleeced his own company, Hollinger International - charges he continues to deny. In all, Conrad served just over three years for fraud and obstruction of justice.

He used the time well, though, tutoring inmates, and researched his new book, a strategic history of the United States called 'Flight of the Eagle'. And now he's back in the media spotlight as co-host of a weekly talk show on Vision TV.

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