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Guest Conor Grennan

Conor Grennan used to be an ordinary guy, before he discovered the cause that would change his life.

Back in 2004, Conor decided to backpack around the world. His first stop was Nepal, a beautiful country in the midst of a civil war. Once he arrived, Conor volunteered at the Little Princes Children's Home - an orphanage -and promptly fell in love with the kids.

But as Conor would come to find out, the kids weren't actually orphans; they'd been taken from their parents by child traffickers, who promised to give the kids a better life in exchange for money. Once abducted, the kids were forced into the rebel army, sold into the sex trade, or - like the children Conor met - abandoned far from home, and forgotten.

Unable to stand by and do nothing, Conor went back and forth to Nepal over the course of a few years to help reunite the children with their families - he even went so far as to hike into the remote Himalayan mountains to find their estranged parents, a trip that could have cost him his life.

Today, Conor runs an organization called 'Next Generation Nepal,' which fights child trafficking. Plus, he shares his story in a new book; it's called, 'Little Princes.'

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