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Guest Colin Mochrie

He's far too modest to tell you himself but when comes to the high-wire art of improv comedy Colin Mochrie is just about unmatchable.

The proof is in 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' - an improvisational-comedy game show based on the British series of the same name.

It ran for eight seasons and thanks to people like Colin, and his buddy Ryan Stiles, 'Whose Line' inspired a new generation of improv artists.

Colin's ability to thrive in any comic situation has made him the go-to guy in Canadian comedy: on '22 Minutes', 'The Ron James Show', and 'Little Mosque on the Prairie', which also starred Colin's wife Deb McGrath.

Now, Colin's about to get a whole lot busier: He's working on a book called 'Not Quite The Classics' - based on an improv game. Plus, he caught more than a few people off guard recently when he Tweeted this little gem:

"Oh, by the way, Whose Line is coming back. More details later."

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