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Guest Colin Mochrie

When it comes to improv comedy, Colin Mochrie is one of the masters.

Colin was born in Scotland, and moved here when he was a kid. Growing up, he wanted to be a marine biologist. But then, he did a high school play - and got his first laugh... and it was bye-bye marine biology. Colin ended up at The Second City in Toronto, and from there, moved to the big screen - doing films like 'The January Man.'

But improv has always been Colin's specialty. He proved that with seven seasons on the original British version of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway.' Then in '98, joined the American one with Drew Carey, and a few years later, replaced Rick Mercer on 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes.'

Since then, he's hosted the Canadian version of 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?', and popped up on the Ron James Show. Oh, and Colin is still doing a touring improv show with his 'Whose Line Is it Anyway' co-star Brad Sherwood.

Plus, he and wife Deb McGrath - a.k.a. Mayor Popowicz on 'Little Mosque on the Prairie' - are taking part in an upcoming CBC special called 'Love Letters from Canada.' And it features famous Canadian couples sharing their views on love.

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